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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 30, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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floor in shreveport, louisiana attempted, it didn't happen. we believe it is going to happen and we hope to be there when it does. do you what administration letter. what's in that report on interrogations? we take a closer look at britain's lockerbie taurus was during a convicted terrorist video for oil? how high up to the decision go. and the $9 trillion budget deficit, why even that forecast may be overly optimistic. "the journal editorial report" begins right now.
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samad welcome to the "journal editorial report" and paul should go. >> paul: air colder it made a special prosecutor this week to investigate allegations of cia abuse against high-level terror tds. the appointment of federal prosecutor john durham came the same day as the release of a 2004 internal cia report detailing that agency's interrogation program. just what is it not once classified report question mark could colder be starting a political war that president obama will live to regret is to mark joining the panel will miss the deputy editor stevens printed on this very and stacy all ready. ushered in columnist jim stossel and brian carney joins us from london as the editorial page editor of the "wall street journal" europe. ken, you have read these documents. what's the lesson you take away from it. >> the press jumped all over this i think with some prodding from the administration
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suggesting this is yet more proof of abuse at the hands of an unleashed cia. when you read these things but actually jumps out at you is that this was actually carefully developed, carefully controlled, widely agreed to congress and it yielded invaluable results. >> paul: breath? >> that's the key point. there is this obsessive focus with a handful of instances where investigators potentially went over the line although it's important to note that when career justice department prosecutors looked at these cases for years ago, they ruled that they did not merit badge. >> paul: this is interesting. this is an internal report that was begun in 2004. >> and was shared with congress to ensure to congress turned over to justice and career prosecutors did not prosecute except in one case obvious where a detainee was killed by being hit on the head apparently with a flashlight. that interrogator was prosecuted for assault and convicted.
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>> i think it's a key point to note the people who looked into this work career prosecutors. this wasn't the bush administration are appointees going against the bureaucracy of the justice department. >> park, the other thing about this that jumps out besides the fact that the report says the counterterrorism center did a commendable job in staying within the rule of law and interrogating these detainees, is that the interrogators reported that they were quite concerned that they were going to be, at a later date, prosecuted in some way. they suspected the u.s. government would not stand behind him even though they were following the rules. that's precisely about what will happen to them speak when one quote said that ten years from now we will regret this but it must be done. another thing that's interesting here, brian, is the results that were relayed about how they very useful information that ended up
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exposing including plots to attack the u.s. consulate in karachi, hijack aircraft and fly them into heathrow, these tracks bikes to derail u.s. trains, and several others. had any of those happened, of course, it would've meant the death of innocent americans *custom ) and one of the lines we hear over and over again is torture doesn't work. torture is ineffective. nothing detailed in this report honestly except for the one case that was prosecuted really looks like what most people would think of as torture. i think people get treated worse every day in the police stations in major cities around america. but the fact is these enhanced interrogation techniques do seem to have saved american lives, exposed to plots that could have been extremely deadly, and that probably would have led to a lot of worse things being done to even the detainees that we have and try to stop the next one.
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>> paul: this is a critical point. critics of what happened say there is no evidence that enhanced interrogations made a difference. the detainees would've given us this information anyway. is there something in the report shows in fact the enhanced interrogation techniques any difference? >> the report is very clear that people like david chick mom and were extremely resistant to questioning and give up unreliable or very little information before the enhanced interrogation techniques are introduced. i think there's no question that the made a difference in the material that was produced here so i'm all right, ken, given all this, why would air colder, the attorney general, do this now is to not in the past he said look, we don't want to go after low-level cia interrogators. and the president himself has said often, i would look forward and not back. another people in the white house who think we really don't want to take this political fight. so what changed was to mark some
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and not know what changed. there seems to be two modes of thought here or at either air colder it seems to be of the ideological bent that this is something that needs to go back despite the fact as we mentioned that other career prosecutors said there was nothing here. either he is of the belief there is actually something from a purist view or it could be this is a political move by the white house to try to appease their left wing. they have been unhappy by the fact that the administration retain some of bush era terror policies and with the way healthcare is quite right now, that the public option may not make it into a final bill so this might've been sent out as a way to pacify the troops. it's interesting because it doesn't work. i haven't been happy. actually got a lot of criticism from the left they had not gone further. meanwhile what they've done is make republicans even less likely to want to work with them on some of the stuff in washington see when is it possible and having a prosecutor at the administrative --
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menstruation and then he comes back and says there's nothing to prosecute and it goes away tonight we have a 30 year are a must for your history of special prosecutors who always turn out to surprise the administrations, if that's in fact the strategy here. it seems to me the obama administration is pure you either. you get to the fork in the road you take it. they're trying to appease their left flank while the president is saying i want to look forward not back. >> paul: a lot of reports about how upset me onto that is, the cia director. he did not want to do this. time and time again when he had a face-off with eric holder, eric holder has one. >> again, i think leon panetta understands that we need some of these interrogation techniques if we're going to take on this enemy. i don't think he wants to be associated with a decision by the president that could have a very long-term cost in terms of the way we fight the war. as another thing going on hear which is that the democrats have always thought we should fight the war as a -- sort of a
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law-enforcement problem. and that's kind of the path they're going down. now we're going to litigate all of these problems rather than fight the war on terror on how far we've come from post 2011 world. when we come back, the uk luck to be outraged by the deadliest terror attacks against americans until september 11, and 1 of the man responsible is now free. did the british government cut a deal with libya in return for lucrative contracts was marked i think i'll go with the preferred package. good choice. only meineke lets you choose the brake service that's right for you. and save 50% on pads and shoes. meineke.
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>> paul: ridge is growing in the uk and the u.s. over the heroes welcome given to convicted lockerbie bomber abdel bassett ali megrahi. upon his return home to libya. he was released from a scottish prison after serving eight years of a 27 year sentence for the downing of pan am 103 in december of 1988. 270 people including 189 americans died. doubts are mounting about the government's claim that it had no hand in the scottish justice minister's decision to release the grotty was apparently dying of prostate cancer. while brian, you are in london. this is becoming full-blown political uproar over there. how credible is the claim that megrahi was released for unitarian reasons eschenbach. >> i don't think we know exactly why kenny mccaskill released in yet. this is what we do know. we know that gordon brown talk to moammar khadafy about to release six weeks ago soon he is
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the prime minister brittain. >> is the prime minister of britain. his most important deputy, peter mandelson discussed it with moammar khadafy son a couple weeks ago when they were vacationing together in corfu and another gordie brown, the prime minister, who before kenny mccaskill publicly announced it, that megrahi was going to be released this order brown wrote a letter to moammar khadafy pleading with him to keep megrahi's return to libya at loki, which was a request that the libyans gave the back of the hand to, which goes to show what happens when you try to deal with people like in the qaddafi regime. >> paul: we also know a libyans made megrahi a priority in a private internal discussions. imagine it would mandelson, and with others and they want him released. correct? >> correct. could i be sense of the day after his release that in every negotiation over every contract or anything that came up between the libyans and the british
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government, that megrahi was on the table. that's what qaddafi son a fairly told megrahi on the plane on the way to libya. the plane that was waiting for him before his release was even announced because the libyans were so certain they were going to get him back to the one we know there have been oil contracts that london received. >> one recent $900 million contract. gordon brown has talked of libya's potential for british companies. the british spymaster who helped bring in moammar khadafy from the cold in 2003 when qaddafi decided to abandon his nuclear weapons programs, batman, that former intelligence and is now a senior executive at bp so gordon brown's claim that the decision belonged to this scottish justice minister alone, and that that decision was based purely on so-called compassionate grounds does he ostensibly is dying of prostate cancer, is
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very hard to sustain. this is already a government with almost no credibility but the government who want a big uproar robert mueller f.b.i. director in the u.s. sent a very rough letter denouncing essentially the decision. and of course the families of the victims are also outraged here in the states. >> i'm kind of wondering where was the u.s. in all of this question mark state department's job is diplomacy. we're supposed to have a relationship with the uk. the u.s. is supposed to have some influence in the world. i'm worried that the obama administration has spent all of its resources trying to force tegucigalpa to take men while celaya back and forgot about this for the world. >> paul: a former president of honduras. >> that's their big issue. the amount you have something like this developing and we're not even there? see when a writer who contributes for us thanks to that he wanted to make a statement welcoming back the
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grotty despite being warned by john mccain and in the british because the 40th anniversary of the libyan revolution is coming up september 1 and he wanted a big domestic show what he could achieve on the world stage to make the british were prepared to send prince andrew one of the royals to celebrate. what are they going to celebrate? the domestic butchery and libya are the terrorism overseas? or that he is a master of rubbing the westin nose in it. >> paul: we did this deal with libya in 2003. he gave -- that he give up his nuclear program, and that was a big -- a big strategic victory. he did that in the wake of the iraq invasion probably because in part because of the iraq invasion. and he wanted something in return. i think the brown government would say look, this is not that big of a deal. megrahi was going to die in prison anyway, and we need to engage the libyans. >> but megrahi should've died in prison. gadhafi didn't do the deal over
6:16 am
his nuclear weapons because he had suddenly become a trustworthy and terrific guy, right? he did it because he was afraid after iraq about what happened to him if he didn't. and what we saw in the way that they treated gordon brown's request to at least be discreet about this, right, brown did not say -- hasn't said anything about the substance of the decision, even to this day. all he said is he was repulsed by the reception that megrahi received in libya. and what we saw was that you know, libya hasn't changed its spots, right? it'd be nuclear deal because it feared the consequences of not doing it. but here they clearly saw no downside in getting this guy back and then rubbing the british at jason at two and a big embarrassment for gordon big embarrassment for gordon brown.
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>> at the end of the day the best way to bring our deficit down in the long run is not for the budget that continues the same policies that led us to a narrow prosperity and massive debt, it's wicked widget that leads to broad economic growth by moving from an era of oral and spend one where we save and invest. >> paul: remember that? well reality struck this week when the obama white house and congressional budget office both announced the deficit over the next decade will balloon to more than $9000. $2 trillion more than predicted earlier this year. even those revised projections are public optimistic. mary, trillion dollars here trillion dollars there for most people it's a distraction. but what do these deficits mean economically? >> when you have a deficit you
6:21 am
have to issue debt in order to get the money. and what the congressional budget office has said is that the amount of debt that the government is going to have to issue is unsustainable. you have to find somebody who will buy your debt and give you that money and you have to service the debt and you eventually have to repay it. so this isn't money for nothing. it has to come from somewhere and it's not sustainable. >> paul: obama's argument would beat we needed to run these deficits. i inherited hon of it. besides, we have a big recession we need attorneys deficits because they help to stimulate the economy, to the soundtrack and this is only temporary. >> generally that's what you would hope. you have a deficit but to start growing it if you grow fast enough that you can pay down what you will. but the problem is that the projections for growth.buckroe good. and part of the reason is because once the debt gets to a certain level, politicians start stepping in and saying a hot, we have a problem where we don't have enough money. we need to raise taxes.
6:22 am
once you start raising taxes, you kill the growth and if you do that you're not going to get out of the problem. that's why some countries and either going into default or they end up having to print money at the central bank in order to pay. >> these monster deficit projections are based on estimates of congressional spending which are just wildly on realistic. the suggest gem by peter or second is group. >> paul: the white house budget director. >> is that commerce will increase spending at the rate -- >> paul: that this is not a congress that you have come to know and love that can control spending? under you accuse those commerce people that. >> you've answered your question their call. and the other thing is what i -- >> paul: on trying to intimidate chris matthews and asked him how questions. >> conservative obama supporters went on for years saying the reason we are pros approach is he is from these monster budget deficits he has let spending get out of control on or to be heard
6:23 am
from now that obama is creating a trend out of debt over the next ten years so i'm glad brian. >> bush was criticized for doubling the national debt and these latest projections say that obama will more than double the national debt again and he will do it and have the time. as you say the reality is that it will be worse than that. this is not temporary. $99 of new debt is forever because we have to pay it off or we have to continue buying it for ever and pay the interest on it with tax dollars forever. another $99 and that is huge. >> paul: kim, any evidence at all this is beginning to sink in on capitol hill and also down their spending? spending this year as a share of the economy will be 26%. the average over the last 40 years is 21%. that's a very big change. >> i think it is sinking into
6:24 am
the townhouse ec across america on healthcare. this is something new, administration and congress didn't think about. they spend crazily at the beginning of the year and as a result they put these deficit numbers in the middle of the health care debate with everyone saying can we really afford to do this. you're beginning to here democratic senators and congressmen saying this is going to be too costly. maybe we need to put this off. but in terms of evidence of actually seeing most of congress lowdown, you'll see that anywhere on either can sing silver lining department. the deficits may end up defeating at least in a very expensive healthcare program. >> that's true. and we should celebrate that. but if equipped to come back to the idea of growth. what is this economy going to start growing again? that is so important for the job growth and also to deal with the problem that the federal reserve has created. the federal reserve is putting out a lot of money. if we don't start to grow, they don't have any bullets left in the chamber for the economy
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he founded a multimillion dollar company really sort of literally out of his grudge and became a great plan to post in his old age, but his evidence of what the private sector can do to improve standards and improve education for the good of students across america. >> i'm getting a hit to josé hernandez the first mexican-american to be a mission specialist on a space shuttle. he was born in french camp california i grant that she was a migrant worker as a child. his family was migrant workers. he did not english until he was 12 years old. i would note that he did not get put into a bilingual in this program when he was 12 years old. he went into a regular american school, learned english and he is now the pride of mexico see one can question our. >> it's a mess for new york rep. charlie rangel who amended his 2007 financial disclosure forms this week. it turns out mr. ringo just found that he had missed about $600,000 worth of assets from
6:29 am
mutual funds to iras two pieces of property. all i have to say is if this is how the head of the ways and means committee handles his bookkeeping, maybe it's no surprise with a nine child i deficit. >> paul: membrane ted kennedy. much has been said this week about the senator's achievements in 47 years in that body, but perhaps the larger lesson of his career is true believers matter most in politics. and he believed in the power of the state to spread wealth and mold human behavior. i don't share those principles but there's no denying that his passion for his police and the canny way he promoted them. this is a partisan, he sometimes slipped into demagoguery as he did in 1887 against supreme court nominee robert bork. but he did succeed in protecting and expanding the power of the federal government, even when it fell into disfavor. he knew how to compromise but nearly always on his terms. there's a lesson in this for politicians who find themselves
6:30 am
in opposition. not least her publicans at the current moment. the politicians who change the world are those who believe in something and are willing to fight for it. our condolences to the kennedy family. that's it for us. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i'm appalled should go and we hope to see you right here nex someone on "fox news watch", a top secret spy agency forced to kabosh some of its secrets and the press pounces. what did we do to get the terror suspects to talk bush marked the administration wants another investigation. is it good policy or politics and are the media paying attention to mac badness on the budget deficit. it is far bigger than anyone predicted. did the white house try to sidestep that news with this news question mark sometime reappointing into another term as chairman of the federal reserve. >> plus is that family and a nation mourn a clinical legend,
6:31 am
how did the press and of the passing of ted kennedy. smack the president tries to vacation. did late-night comics let them get any rest? on a panel this weekend haul of the american university, andrea antero's conservative columnist and contributor, jim pinkerton, fellow new american foundation and judy miller, writer and "fox news" contributor. i'm jon scott. "fox news watch" is on right now. see mcnamara how you look at it this is a rough time for the cia and we never needed a more than we need them now. >> peter king they're reacting to the news this week that the justice department is planning to look into possible abuses -- abuse of prisoners by cia interrogators. that news came on monday when longtime secret cia documents released. this is how the new york times played the news.
6:32 am
investigation is ordered into cia. on friday the paper led with the story. these issue puts the justice department and cia at odds. jim, you saw the headlines, ec have it's been covered all week. the press pounced on the story. whose side are they on question mark sematic eric holder is on his way to a profile and encourage treatment here. >> he said he won the argument within the administration thank you and the argument in administration and the money new york times struggle which said we are for him. but there three stories here. there's a story that has washington fixated, which is eric holder versus leon panetta and the cia and investigations, then there's the larger story are doing across the country which is the fate of these cia agents, these contractors and grunts in the war on terror who are about to get in the neck. the other story is what al qaeda is doing.
6:33 am
they're sitting in a cave laughing somewhere saying america is about to destroy itself and we're going to sit and watch. >> judy, you are to the times and you cover national security. is the press coverage focusing on the national security applications of the cia think it's all about politics was to mark. >> i think it's about both in its legitimately about both because the director of the cia is a very important factor should be in washington. the dissing of him says a great deal about this administration and the president's attitude towards that institution which on one hand he says he needs and respects, and gives a guarantee that no one will follow the law will be prosecuted, and the next day does something like this, which is used especially by the republicans as undercutting the agency and leon panetta. so it is a fascinating story politically and substantively. >> have reporters made it a point that this is been done before by the inspector general of the cia which mark.
6:34 am
>> i think so. the new york times story on friday pointed out they were investigated before another node charges were filed. there's no lack of history and perspective. the la times had a good piece in which they talked about cheney is out there saying this proves he was right, but the report also doesn't really say that. so i think reporters need to give you the perspective. i think unfortunately not a situation where most americans are going to go wait a minute, they are dissing the cia guy, they're undercutting him. eric holder at a flattering piece in newsweek which led his people at the cia read as here, indictments. here comes something against us. that's regrettable, i think selected a presstek favorites, andrea question mark she just mentioned dick cheney. is the fact that -- well is the treatment that he's getting in the press, does it suggest that many in the media are still eager to punch back him after the bush administration? >> absolutely. that's the entire point of this
6:35 am
investigation. ultimately they want cheney's head. they would love to have nothing more than cheney and rumsfeld haldane and interrogated. i think this is bad politics and bad policy. you know, going from declaring a war on terror cannot it work on the cia, obama loses one. i think every president deserves a vacation. but they deserve a vacation, but this is not the week to take it. he has lost patrol of the message on the cia. he lost control of the deficit. he has us control the healthcare debate, and the story, right now, is there going to lose this one. >> you think the president wants responsibility for this? every time he is asked about it he says he know this is eric holder's decision. >> we noted at the people who wrote the memos that said this is okay. this'll be like private and england. we're going to get the people at the bottom who thought they were doing the right thing to mac
6:36 am
jane is exactly right. as a great president who is man enough to take response but for things, eric truman said the book starts he -- buck stops here. >> the national security applications. the media is ignoring what this means from a national security perspective to mecca have been ignoring it but they don't point out often enough that a special prosecutor is in charge of this, which means that really neither the president nor even eric holder are going to be really responsible for the outcome because it is the special prosecutor's decision on whether or not these grunts are going to be prosecuted. it's really kind of a denial of a pushing away of responsibility to placate the left wing of the party, and i don't think we've seen a point made quite well enough. selleca does seem the president could've set to air colder, i don't want this investigation to go forward, and that would've ended it, right? >> i don't know. to be fair to eric holder, he has said the facts, which is red, and these facts have led to think that we need to have an
6:37 am
investigation. we shouldn't be as reporters into the society of amish ever should. >> the media has not covered what eric holder has said previously in april, that he does not believe you were doing their job trying to protect americans should be prosecuted. they also haven't really covered what the administration has said in the past, but this is a total about-face or it smacked the president said that and i think the media have pointed that out, andrea. they really have. what we don't know, we really need more facts about this. we need facts about cheney's claim, for example. did this work, didn't this work. i think we need a 9/11 commission. >> speaking of facts, dick cheney will not for us, too (and full disclosure has demanded that every piece of data, miss. i agree with andrea, the republicans will win the site. >> time for break. we have lots of extras for you on our website including some of the spirited discussions erupting in hear during our breaks, and you know what is about to happen.
6:38 am
some of the things you don't see on tv, catch them on our website after the show "news watch" will be back in two minutes to talk about the economy, and this. to make a deficit of nine turnovers. how did the liberal media tried to spin the bad news? plus, how did the press pay plus, how did the press pay that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. ♪ bicycle, what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies... 2 hours faster than claritin®.
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huge numbers impossible to grasp. the white house said today the deficit this year will to record $1.6 trillion. that's trillion dollars of that tea dollars. that's more than triple esters deficit seneca gaming the presidents vacation and the sun was interactive today by a cloud of bad economic news and a forecast of more to come. both the white house and the nonpartisan congressional budget office. symantec top abc and cbs led to
6:41 am
their newscast focusing on the news about the deficit that he was the other big economic story of the day. present obama taking out time from his vacation to do a little business announcing he will nominate federal reserve chairman and cranky, for a second term to mecca as an expert on the causes of the great depression, i'm sure ben never imagined he would be part of the team's possible for preventing another. but because of his background, his temperament, his courage and his creativity, that's exactly what has helped to achieve. and that is why i am reappointing him to another term as chairman of the federal reserve. >> -- >> all right enter it. the president was on vacation but cannot make this announcement is same day we got that doesn't numbers. any coincidence that. >> can anybody say distraction? i think they did this to try to change the narrative that day. i think it was very unsuccessful. the media really extensively covered this news. obama thinks ought to change the
6:42 am
story, hit or nike as the headline and i don't think it worked. i think you even sought from all spectrums of the media, then covering that this is really bad for the president. >> it may have blunted some of the globe. >> it might have. yankees reappointment, nine turnovers, i mean it is going to be three quarters of the death? most of us -- i took economics and i was trying to remember about the old that have up until now. he has a huge number of problems. a lot of people i read said the state must package could probably help us avert a possible depression, but nowhere in that situation where the debt is so mind-boggling that to argue for healthcare is a case that's her hard for the president to make. >> a picture is worth 1000 words a month in a moving graphic like abc had a vague mecca drowning in an ocean of red ink, is worth 1 million words. i think a lot of people have got a serious problem on their hands. i wrote for u.s. news in june
6:43 am
that they shot their wad on spending and bailouts and that's why they'll never get health care through stack is the president good job, do you think, and making this -- charlie gibson you just rinse it in principle the nine turnovers of debt. is the media doing a good job. >> i think they are. every indication we have, every poll we have seen shows that this deficit is really registering with the american people. it is making it very hard for the president to get his health care package, whatever it is. but in addition to that, people like floyd norris at the new york times, has done an excellent job of pointing out the tax consequences which is unless congress is -- not intervened to this deficit, and we're going to have a situation in which obama will not be able to make good on his promise not to raise taxes, because were going back to an old tax system which will enhance the deficit, and we need middle-class people will wind up paying more money. so i think there's a lot of good
6:44 am
economic reporting being done. >> kane county teach journalism. the fact that mr. obama t-rex out mr. cranky that day is that trying to manage the message? >> absolutely. andrew is right. it is an attempt at distraction. i think to be fair the media should be putting out would have been on this debt tender for quite some time. but it is not going to work, i don't think, for the obama people to say we didn't start this. he has this huge plate of problems and i think we could have better reporting about the tax cuts and the spending cuts and what we do and what can we do. there's harm either way. it's kind of frightening when you know enough about the frightened symmetrically speaking if you triple the deficit as the obama people did relative to bush, that would indicate the obama is more obama's fault of bush's. >> what about that? are the media with the deficit numbers and some of the other
6:45 am
things he says hey, we inherit all this. their predictions are that unaccountable but 10%. >> i think the media are pointing out that he inherited a bad situation, which is now getting worse because of the consequences, the applications of some of his spending policies and the stimulus of other things to talk about on the show. but i think that some reporters are pointing out that things like $100 billion a year fighting wars in afghanistan and iraq are also adding to the deficit. you got a lot of good solid reporting on this. i think the message is getting through. i mean why is he having such a tough time with healthcare? >> i agree. independents care seemingly the most about the deficit. that's why they're opposed to this. they really seem to respond to the economic imperative when obama came out and said that they said no way we don't have the money. i think that's a big part why they're losing. >> i think, is not getting enough credit or perhaps are having averted a financial
6:46 am
collapse with some of the 786 bazillion dollars if they put out for that. i don't think he is getting credit because people are scared. they're feeling a pinch. they are scared about jobs. we may have a recovery that is in some way not feeling like a recovery. i would not want to be trying to figure this out. tonight it's time for another break, but first if you come across a story that you think shows media bias, e-mail us at "fox news"
6:47 am
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6:49 am
ship. some of you have been with me in
6:50 am
the happiest days in the hardest days. together we have known the success and cnet setbacks. victory and defeat. but we have never lost our belief that we are all called to a better country and a new art world. >> massachusetts senator, ted kennedy, delivering his last apolitical speech at the democratic national convention in 2008 in denver. an eerie coincidence he did died exactly one year later on tuesday night at the age of 77. since learning the sadness, people of the world have mourned. the media have paid tribute to the late senator. you're just some of the hundreds of headlines we saw this week. the one and only from the boston herald. a family's legacy, said usa today. last of the dynasty, wrote "newsday". in the washington post, and
6:51 am
other than american teapot. i guess judy, the question is do those headlines capture some of the thoughts behind this guy? >> i think we have seen an amazing amount of reporting. things i did not know such as one of the things that senator kennedy, this great liberal wanted to do and he was truly this torch bearer for liberalism, was watch every episode of 24. i think we have learned a lot about the man and you know, the first time after we learned about his fatal illness, there was almost no mention of mary joe kopechne. and this time we have had a balanced assessment of senator kennedy and his legacy. the congressional legacy is extraordinary. and now i think of politics daily pointed out that many of the liberal causes such as don't ask don't tell, have a sponsor, and they are stranded issues because no one was to pick them up.
6:52 am
>> jim, let me get your reaction to something columnist brigade wrote in newsweek. after the assassination of jfk, virtually launched modern television news. he finally said the death of the fourth brother, meaning teddy kennedy, he said this was almost another day at the office for the tv news. >> that's a little casual, i would say, but certainly teddy kennedy story invariably went back to john f. kennedy and bobby kennedy and that footage is moving. i was actually born in cambridge, massachusetts. i was there on president kennedy was shot in 1963. not in dallas in massachusetts. it was an unbelievable emotional weight -- way that even a five year old could figure out where was going and how powerful it was. our media are legitimately tapping into the opportunity to talk about the history of the last 50 years this country as well as teddy kennedy himself. >> we heard a lot about the liberal line this week are good
6:53 am
was there enough work done to go beyond the clichés to make them more and communal, a paper figure i guess question mark stack i think so. i think a lot of stories point out that was really only after he was unable to explain to roger mudd why he wanted to be president in an infamous interview and after the joke of acne that's what happened there. it was only after that they had no presidential -- he concentrated on the senate. we talk a lot about the narrative -- narrative. this is an enormous political story. rose kennedy herself is an extraordinary is the word. they are starcrossed. terrible tragedy. i think people have also pointed out that he was able to reach across -- orrin hatch was a very close friend of his. i think there is a marvelous about why can't we do that more today. >> speak to that. yet a lot of republican friends. a lot of people expressed hear that. >> yes, that absolutely came out, but there's another story
6:54 am
being told if you look in the media. just right after he -- his passing, the left cannot, nancy pelosi and kristof, and they started to tie this in with healthcare push. we need to do this for him. and i really think that is using the death card was very disingenuous ab rocker mama knows it himself. >> you're getting a finger way from judy. whenever i see that -- >> is not smart. think about it. if they do put his name on this bill, kennedy care, and it doesn't pass, what does that say? >> oh come on. >> beyond that the president himself, president obama said he did not want to do that without. that is not what he wants to do humanity knows it is not a good strategy. make it a liberal bill. that's why it is not getting any support. smack or whenever the american people. but the liberal lion face on it is a good help. >> they've been saying they tried a similar approach in 2002 at paul wellstone where he died
6:55 am
tragically just before the election and that became a media circus, the funeral is televised, while they did this match -- >> that's a myth for the ride. one speech to make a republican won election to be slater spec because people picked out one of about eight eulogies and repaid. the right is running with this as likely as you are saying the left is. >> that's a function of media coverage and i got a set if the media had been more alert to kennedy after chappaquiddick he would've ended up like gary condit and i have to say we have to take one more break. when we come back the resident was on vacation and the late-night comics get to work. >> president obama to buy books with him on vacation. of course was a bushel is to buy books's what doct most for headaches. for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers..
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this for a vacation this week. his job interfered with some of the family plans, but >> and tackling a hefty reading list, and otherwise doing what most americans do americans do when they hit the beach for vacation. but that didn't stop the late-night comedians from making a few jokes about the trip. take a look or it.
6:59 am
>> president obama, our president is taking his summer vacation on martha's vineyard this week. it was a good time for the president to sneak out of town. the deficit is supposed to be a lot higher than people expected. the swine flu as you know is getting ready to kill us all, and regis is having a birthday party today which means fires and possibly living in new york. >> the white house is denying the race -- denying rumors that president obama has plans to play a round of golf with tiger woods. they're saying it's not what happened. i'll obama is planning to ask tiger woods if the government can borrow $300 trillion. >> they developed a special cocktail to commemorate obama's visit to marcus vineyard. it's the obama reader. it's the truth. the obama reader. they did the same thing bill clinton would vacation affair. it was the screwdriver.


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